Lightroom Multiple Image Dust Spot Removal

Lightroom has useful clone tool which can be used to remove dust spots caused by small particles on the camera sensor. This can be time consuming, especially if you have lots of images to clean up.

You can use Lightrooms Copy function in the Develop Module to semi-automate the removal of sensor dust spots from multiple images. Note this works best with similar images such as those taken for blended or HDR exposures. It is better to use shots with similar proportions of sky and mid or foreground.

Here is what you do

Select the images you want to clean up. Ideally group them together in a stack as you will want to move between each one in turn using the left or right arrow key.

image with dust spots

In the example above I have selected two images which have a large amount of sky and have a series of dust spots which I have cloned out - shown by the circles.
Once you have finished cloning click on the Copy... button and the dialog below will open.

copy setting dialog box

Applying Corrections to Multiple Images

  • Select just Spot Removal as shown and close the dialog box by clicking Copy.
  • Then move to the next photo using the left or right arrow.
  • Finally click the Paste button and the exact same clone edits will be applied to the new image. This trick (tip) works because the sensor dust spots are in the same position on each image.

You have to be a bit careful in case a portion of the foreground is unintentionally corrected.

Try it and see for yourself.

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