Lightroom Tip - Clone Tool Options

The Clone Tool in the Develop Module has a lot of flexibility. It is very quick an easy to click on a dust spot and remove it. The tool makes a guess at the texture and colour that you are repairing and selects an area adjacent which it thinks will give the best result. This is how Photoshop CS2 does it as well. The difference is that Photoshop does not show you the area from which is selecting the new texture.

Lightroom - Clone / Heal Tool

In the picture below the red circle is the area being repaired and the green circle is the area selected to provide the repair.

Clone Tool in action

What you may not have noticed is that you can select the green circle and change both it's position and size to obtain a better result. This can be done with either the mouse or via the keyboard arrow keys. Shift arrow is a course move and control arrow is a fine move. On the Mac use command arrow to change the size of the tool.

Hope you find this useful.

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