Lightroom Tip - Quickly Switch between Color and Grayscale

If you want a very quick look to see if an image works in black and white just select the image and press the 'V' key. You can quickly switch back and forth and between color and grayscale.

Lightroom convert to grayscale

It works in both the Develop and Library Module. It also works in the Grid mode of the Library Module. There is a menu option in the develop module but its quicker to use the single 'V' key.

Where this really becomes very useful is when you select a set of images in the Library Module and can instantly see which will work well in grayscale. Select images and then press 'V'

Lightroom convert to grayscale
Lightroom convert to grayscale

Try it and see for yourself.

Let me know if this tip helps you.

Note: Thanks again to Steve Mcgonnell who highlighted the grayscale switch via an email to the Image-Space.

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