Lightroom Tip - Try both the Clone and the Heal Tools

When using Lightrooms' spot healing tools it is worth trying both the Clone and the Heal tools in order to see which gives the best result. As an example look at removing the red object in the portion of the sea in the image below.

Sea Image to be repairedPicture 6Lightroom Heal Tool

The result with the Heal tool does a good job. Now lets right click within the source region. This will bring up a menu which will let you switch between the Heal and the Clone tools. Note you can also select either tool in the toolbar.

Switch Clone and Heal ToolsPicture 6Loghtroom Clone Tool

In this case the Clone tool has done a better job of matching the sea. The Heal tool produced distracting light areas.

The Heal tool is usually selected as it samples the color and texture of the target area and attempts to blend in the results. The Clone tool just copies the pixels.

All this tip is saying is try both rather than just rely on one or the other.

Let me know if this tip helps you.

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