Keep the Adjustment Mask Active

The default way the Adjustment Brush works in Lightroom 2 is to show the adjustment mask only when you hover over one of the edit pins, the circle with the black dot in the picture below. When you move the cursor off the pin the mask disappears.

Selecting the O key will keep the mask displayed all the time. Keeping the mask displayed allows you to make sure you have covered the area that you want to be corrected.

Lightroom Brush Mask

You can change the color of the mask by pressing Shift O. You then cycle through red, green and white mask colors.

Having the mask displayed all the time is useful if you want to erase areas of the adjustment.

Hold down the Alt key with the adjustment tool selected and the erase mode will be activated. The cursor shows a minus sign to show you are in erase mode. You can then erase any areas of the mask as required.

Let me know if this helps you.

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