Lightroom Tip - How to Change the Default Backup Location

It is not obvious how to change the default backup location, say to an external hard drive.

The default backups are kept in

/Pictures/Lightroom\Backups (Mac) or

\My Documents\My Pictures\Lightroom\Backup
s on PC.

You cannot change this location directly via a Preference or Options setting. You have to do it via the Scheduled Backup dialog box which will pop up when it is time for your next backup.
To force it to open sooner and make the location change do the following.

1. Open Lightroom and select Catalog Settings from the Lightroom drop down menu.

2. Select Every time Lightroom starts from the backup section.


3. Restart Lightroom

4. When the Back Up Catalog box opens you can then set a new location for the backup folder.

Lightroom Catalog DIalog box

This allows you to backup to any drive, internal or external, even an USB key drive or iPod.

Try it and see for yourself.

Let me know if this tip helps you.

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