Five Quick Tips for New Lightroom Users

I have been asked the following questions lots of times. These short tips should be of use to new Lightroom users. Good luck.

1. Where is Lightroom saving my edited images?

Lightroom does not modify your original image files. The original image files do not change.
When you make a series of edits in Lightrooms’ Develop or Library Modules, all that happens is a description of each of the individual edits that have been performed are stored in a separate linked file. The only time your edits will be applied is when you print or export the final image.

2. How do I get back to the Thumbnail View?

Press G at any time. The thumbnail view in the LIbrary Module will appear.

3. I cannot find the Top Menu?

Press Shift and Tab.Lightroom Top Menu
All of Lightrooms panels will appear. Including the top menu. This is a really good one to learn. Pressing just Tab will hide and show only the side panels.

4. Where are the Photos that I know should be in my Folders?

Turn on Include Items from Subfolders in the LIbrary Modules Library Menu. You will then see thumbnails for the selected folder and all of it’s subfolders.

5. I cannot see my Thumbnail Star Ratings. How do I get them back?

In the Library Module, press the J key. You will cycle through the thumbnail view modes.

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