Delete Old Backups to save Giga Bits of Disk Space

I prepared this tip following a question which was asked in the Image-Space Lightroom Forum.

I backup my lightroom catalog regularly. I use the Catalog Setting (below) which prompts me once a week, when I launch Lightroom, to do an automatic backup.

lightroom backup setting

It's a good idea to have this reminder, and to do the backup, but if you have been doing this over many months, as I have, then a considerable amount of disk space gets taken up with backups.

I checked my '/Lightroom/Backups/' folder recently and there were over 3GB of backups!

lightroom backup folders

You have to delete the backups manually so make sure you leave the last couple in place.

Worth doing if you are short of disk space!

Let me know if this tip helps you.

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