Fix Lightroom Auto Start when Memory Card Detected

Lightroom should automatically launch and display the contents of memory card or other connected device such as a camera.

You can find that this no longer happens. If you are having to force Lightroom to read your media cards rather than them open automatically the read on.

To restore the auto launch behavior just do the following:

On a Mac
Run the application Image Capture.
Select Preferences and under the Camera setting set Lightroom as the default application to open when a new USB connection is established.

Image Capture Application

Make sure the Show import dialog when a memory card is detected box is checked under the Import tab in Lightrooms' Preferences.

On a PC
Under Windows XP select the Removable Drive icon which corresponds to your memory card whilst in My Computer.
Right click and choose Properties.
Select the Autoplay tab, choose Pictures from the drop down menu and then click the Restore Defaults button.

WIndows Autoplay Dialog Box

Now when you insert the memory card. Lightroom will Auto Run. You must also have the Show import dialog when a memory card is detected box checked under the Lightrooms' Preferences for this to work.
Try it and see for yourself.

Let me know if this tip helps you.

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