Key-wording Partially Keyworded Image Sets

There is a quick and easy way in Lightroom to ensure that you have applied the same keyword, or set of keywords, to a group of images.

An easy way to be sure that all of the images are key-worded correctly is to look for the asterisk (*) symbol following a keyword in the keyword Tag window.

Lightroom keyword asterisk

In the example above all of the thumbnails have been selected and a summary of the keywords which have been used is shown in the bottom right Keyword Tags box.

Note that there is an asterisk (*) following all of the keywords except the word Devon.

What this is telling us?

a) all of the images have been tagged with Devon
b) keywords which are followed by an asterisk have been applied to only a selection of the images.

So how do you quickly apply the keywords to the whole selection?

Simple. Just select the asterisk for each keyword that you want to apply. Delete the asterisk and press Return.

This applies the keyword to the whole selection of images.

This is very useful in situations such as when you want to mark a whole set of images as being shot in a specific location.

Let me know if this tip helps you.

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