Lightroom Tip - Relocate Missing Image Files

Occasionally Lightroom will display a preview or thumbnail but will not be able to find the original image file in the Catalog. When this happens you will see an error message like the one below:

Missing Lightroom Image Error Message

In addition, the thumbnail of the image will have a rectangular icon with a question mark in the top tight hand corner. This icon indicates that the original cannot be found.

Lightroom Missing Image Thumbnail

If you click on the the missing image icon a dialog box will open which will allow you to locate the missing image file.

Lightroom Missing Image File

This is great for a single image, but will become tiresome if you have a lot of missing image files.
If this is the case you can synchronise any folder in the catalog in one operation.
See the previous Lightroom Tip on how Synchronize Folders for how to do this.

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