Using Lightroom Color Label Sets

I would guess that most people do not use Color Labels.
They can be useful, as Lightroom allows you to edit and prepare custom color label sets. Color Labels allow you to add an extra level on information say for flagging images to be printed, deleted or archived.

Lightroom Color Labels

Make sure that the Color Labels are turned on for your thumbnails by checking Show Rating Footer check box in the View / View Options menu.

Lightroom Color Label Check Box

Once selected you will see the square Color Label icon underneath the thumbnail. Note, you may have to cycle through the thumbnail modes using the J key to see them. Now click on the square icon. A pop up list appears which will allow you to quickly assign a color flag. You can assign a color flag in a number of different ways. Probably the quickest way is to use the numerical keys, 6 through 9, though for some reason, only the first four color labels have shortcut keys!

Lightroom Colour Label List

If you want to assign your own color labels you can do so using the menu item Metadata / Color Label Set / Edit. This brings up a dialog box which will allow you to define you own set of five labels. The default alternative ones are also worth playing with.
Hope this helps.

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