Connect your Printer Locally | Avoid profile problems

If you are having problems printing from Lightroom make sure you connect your printer directly to your PC or Mac.

I had all but given up with Lightroom printing and had reverted to using Photoshop CS3.

Whenever I used lightroom with Epson profiles - or any other custom profile - I always obtained bad results; the images were almost black in places.
The only way I could get an acceptable print was to let Lightroom use the Epson built in printer driver rather than a profile.

The problem turned out to be that my printer was connected to a network server rather than directly to my Mac. i.e. the custom profiles are not on the network server so it defaults to the standard Epson driver or something else on the server.

I have now have my printer connected directly to my Mac and guess what - great prints from custom profiles.

Printer cartoon

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