Making Lightrooms Print Module work with Leopard

Update (18th Nov 2007)

Lightroom 1.3 combined with the Apple Leopard 10.5.1 now fixes the printing problems below.

Update (8th Nov 2007)

This Tip definitely works, and not just for me. See the post in the forum from member 'SHos'.
Note 'SHos' also recommends that you clear out your /Library/printers/ folder first prior to reseting print settings and applying the new Leopard printer driver.
Also the Lightroom file in \Library\Receipts and once I got rid of it, the install worked fine. The file was "Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.pkg".

Original Post

I have at last managed to get Lightrooms Print Module to again work under Leopard. Like many other Mac Leopard (the new MacOSX 10.5) users, I upgraded my system to Leopard and found that I could not select the Print Module. I received the error message below:

Lightroom Print Module Error

Here are the steps I took to get things working again. Note it requires that you have the latest Leopard version of your printer driver.

  • Uninstall Lightroom - make sure you uninstall everything, including preferences, user templates etc. Backup first so you can restore later.

  • Delete your print drivers and reset the printing system. This is done by opening the System preferences, selecting 'Print and Fax', delete the drivers then right click on the left hand Printers pane. This should bring up a menu where you can select Reset the Printing system

  • Download the latest Leopard drivers. In my case I have an Epson R1800. link to the Epson site

  • Re Install Lightroom v1 from the Installation disk

  • Apply the the update 1.2 from the Adobe site

  • Re-install your Leopard Printer driver

  • Fire up Lightroom and check if it works

It worked for me and I am now printing again.

I hope it works for you ... let me know in the Image-Space Lightroom forum

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