Slideshow Background Images

The Slideshow Module in Lightroom has a little used feature which allows you to add a background image to your presentation. This can be found in the Backdrop Panel on the right hand side of the Print Module.

Adding a background image can provide subtle context to your slideshow, as well a creating a strong visual effect.

Lightroom Slideshow Backdrop Panel

Adding an image is simple. Just drag one out of the filmstrip.
I usually create a virtual copy of one of the slideshow images and then remove it from the presentation by deleting it from the filmstrip. It will remain as a background image for slideshow.
To avoid the background dominating the main image try reducing the opacity. I have found that about 30% opacity is about right. Converting the background to grayscale further improves the effect.

The final thing I do is to reduce the size of the main image so that more of the background is visible. This is done by moving the cursor to the top or bottom edge of the main image. The cursor will change shape and you can alter the sizing.

Slideshow background image

The above shows the final effect. If you prepare your slideshows as a Lightroom Collection, all of the above effects will be saved along with the individual collection.

Hope this helps.

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