Sharpening Web Gallery images

Lightroom 2 has a new Output Sharpening option available in the Output Settings of the Web Gallery Module.
Previous versions of Lightroom did not perform sharpening on export leaving you to do your own outside of Lightroom.

Lightroom 2 Web Sharpening

There are 3 sharpening settings: High, Medium and Low. I would suggest high for Web gallery work.

Note that you will not see the effect in lightroom. View the output in your web browser after trying the different sharpening settings to determine which is right for your images. I have recently redone a few of my older Lightroom 1 web galleries and will be using Lightroom for my web sharpening from now on.

Note that the above applies to the Web Galleries in Lightroom 2 supplied by Adobe. Third party galleries may not have the same Output Settings.

Hope this helps.

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