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Joe Barrett

Hello, I am Joe Barrett, a photographer based in the South West of England.

I like to photograph both land and seascapes. Much of my work has been obtained by exploring and photographing the many estuaries and coastal area around the East and West coasts of England. I love to take photographs - particularly seascapes and Scottish landscapes.

I use Adobe Photoshop Lightroom in my work as, in my view, it offers powerful and easy to use tools along with great image management.

You will find an extensive collection of Lightroom Tips and Tricks for you to browse through and there is also an active Image-Space Lightroom Community Forum.

My recent work includes:

The Isle of Eigg

The Canadian Rockies Part 1
The Canadian Rockies Part 2

Much of my photographic career has been with slide film but I now use both film and digital. I shoot with a Canon 1Ds Mk III as well as my trusted Olympus OM4-Ti.

Joe Barrett

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