Manfrotto 410 Junior Geared Tripod Head

I use a tripod for my work and until recently have always used a pan and tilt ball head. On a field trip earlier this year I was introduced to a geared head. The difference is amazing.

The geared head allows precise movement in 3 axis. Another advantage is that the whole process of aligning the axis further slows you down as well as really helping yo to compose your image.
Manfrotto 410 Junior geared head

You have precise movement in three axis directions, pan, tilt and side to side tilt. It comes with a very secure quick release camera plate system and can be used on either 35mm SLR and medium format cameras. You can also instantly disengage the gears and rough position the camera by hand, then instantly reengage them for ultra-precise final alignment.

I would thoroughly recommend this product.

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